IQOS has changed the dynamics of consuming tobacco products. Previously, cigarette sticks had to be burned to produce nicotine. With the invention of IQOS, you can heat your tobacco and inhale nicotine, without producing smoke.

Both adult cigarette smokers and non-smokers are getting attracted to this new heating device. A study by PMI found out that, since the introduction of IQOS in the market, more than 14 million people have started using it worldwide. The popularity of this product has led to the increase of heets cigarette online Abu Dhabi sales. Physical stores are also not doing badly in terms of the sale of these products. Here are some of the reasons for the recent surge in the number of adults using IQOS.


Health Purposes

While all tobacco products may be harmful to your health, many adults perceive IQOS to be safer, since it doesn’t produce smoke as cigarettes do. To some extent, it may be true that the lack of smoke when using IQOS may result in less coughing and even reduce your chances of contracting cardiovascular problems. However, this is not scientifically proven yet.

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A More Refined Appearance

The stylish designs, pocket-friendly size, and discrete nature of these tobacco heating products may give them an edge over cigarettes. Furthermore, as opposed to cigarettes, IQOS is less likely to leave a foul odor on your mouth. Some adults even attribute their abrupt change from cigarette to IQOS to it being kinder on their fingers and their teeth which no longer get stained as was the case with the former.

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Moving With The Trend

IQOS has solved some problems that plagued most cigarette smokers. For instance, it has rendered the need for fire to consume tobacco unnecessary. IQOS has also eliminated smoke which irked some smokers. Due to these features, many cigarette smokers have shifted to using the trendier IQOS. However, despite IQOS being appealing to many people, there are old school people who are unmoved and still prefer smoking cigarettes.

Social Acceptability

Many people tolerate IQOS products more than cigarettes. This is because it produces less smoke and emits less tobacco smell. Most nonsmokers are more tolerant of the use of IQOS around them than cigarette smoking.


Bottom Line

While there are staunch adult cigarette smokers, more seniors, especially those who live in major cities like Abu Dhabi, are shifting to IQOS. This is mainly because it is more refined and healthier than cigarettes. You don’t have to worry about your elderly loved one’s health when they use this product.

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